South Florida Health IT Students - You May Be Eligible for a $5,000 Scholarship!
Established and funded by the South Florida HIMSS Chapter, this local chapter supported scholarship is awarded to a student member who exhibits academic excellence and future leadership potential in the healthcare information and management systems industry.
The winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship award, plus an all-expense paid trip to the awards banquet at the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition.
The 2015 winner will be announced in January 2016 and honored at the awards banquet at the HIMSS15 Conference & Exposition in Chicago. 
2016 applications will be accepted starting in the Fall of 2016.
Scholarship Application Criteria
Applicants for the South Florida HIMSS Chapter Scholarship must fulfill the following minimum requirements:
  • The applicant must be a member in good standing of both National HIMSS and South Florida Chapter
  • The primary occupation of the applicant at the time the scholarship is awarded must be that of student in an accredited undergraduate, Masters or PhD program related to the healthcare information management systems field. The specific degree program is not a critical factor, although it is expected that programs similar to those in industrial engineering, operations research, healthcare informatics, computer science and information systems, mathematics, and quantitative programs in business administration and hospital administration will predominate.
  • Undergraduate applicants must be at least a first-term junior when the scholarship is awarded

Note:Previous Foundation Scholarship winners are ineligible


2014 Scholarship Recipient - Matthew Spiller
2014 Scholarship Recipient"It was an honor to have been chosen as the South Florida HIMSS Chapter Annual Scholarship winner. The scholarship award provided the opportunity to attend the HIMSS 2015 Annual Conference and an award of $5,000. The conference was a worthwhile experience not only as a student but as a professional in the field. The conference allowed me to see real world examples of subjects taught in class and observe the latest trends in health informatics. It was amazing to see how large the organization is with all the vendors’ exhibitions, including all the demonstrations to the thousands of conference attendees. I was able to meet new peers in the industry and network, creating connections not only for myself but other HIMSS members. Being a member of HIMSS is a wonderful experience and I encourage all health informatics students to apply!"  Matthew Spiller, 2014 Scholarship Recipient

2013 Scholarship Recipient - Juan Carlos Gallegos

Juan Carlos Gallegos"Attending the HIMSS 2014 Annual Conference could not have been a better experience.  Having just started the Master of Science in Health Informatics Management Systems at Florida International University, I was honored to have been selected as the recipient of the South Florida HIMSS Chapter Annual Scholarship. This award not only offered $5,000 to cover tuition costs, but it also included an all-expense paid trip to the conference that covered registration and lodging costs. Upon arriving to the conference (in Orlando), it was amazing to see the vastness of this organization: from the hundreds of vendor exhibitions and inspiring lecturers, including Hillary Clinton, to the thousands of conference attendees. To say that this event was impressive is an understatement. This opportunity allowed me to network with many professionals within this industry, which actually led me to become a board member of the South Florida HIMSS Chapter. I’m very grateful for this experience and I strongly encourage all health informatics students to apply."  Juan Carlos Gallegos, 2013 Scholarship Recipient