Burnout in the Healthcare Environment

March 25, 12:00pm, EDT - 1:00pm, EDT


Burnout in the healthcare setting continues to be a complex and impactful problem. While there is significant research/data on both the reasons and consequences, it has proven problematic for most to identify and implement targeted interventions to prevent. This panel discussion will entertain focused conversation around the drivers of burnout that healthcare workers face today, from frontline resources to IT & core support staff. Our moderator and panelists in this session will provide direct insight from a variety of perspectives – providers, nurses, educators, IT staff, and more.

The discussion will start with the current state of the industry as it pertains to professional and personal burnout and then moves to the conversation around the tools, ideas, interventions, and work that can be done reduce or mitigate the impacts of burnout we continue to see throughout the healthcare setting.

Join the HIMSS South Florida Chapter, distinguished panelists, and Healthcare Triangle to discuss these important topics:

  • Define burnout and what it means in the healthcare setting in terms of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and lower professional accomplishment.
  • Describe the tools available to diagnose, understand, and measure the state of burnout at the individual and organizational levels
  • Discuss best practices for intervention, as well as targeted opportunities for preventative improvements at the individual, project/program, and organizational levels.