Best Practice Healthcare Digital Transformation Model

December 3, 12:00pm, EST - 1:00pm, EST


Please join the HIMSS South Florida Chapter and Ed Marx (former Cleveland Clinic CIO), Chief Digital Officer - The HCI Group, to learn more about a Best Practice Healthcare Digital Transformation Model.

This model for healthcare digital transformation can be re-purposed as an end to end solution or leveraged in a modular fashion. If you’re looking for a good roadmap for comparative analysis or just a sound structure to stimulate new ideas, this best practice model is a tool you can easily adopt and customize. Ed will walk you through each component sharing details and breaking down the meaning and the intent.

Ed will be accompanied by:

Moderator: Jeffrey Sturman- CIO Memorial Healthcare System

Sarah Richardson- VP IT Change Leadership - Optum

Cheryl Rodenfels- CTO Americas Healthcare Nutanix    

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define Digital Transformation
  2. Learn a Best Practice Healthcare Digital Transformation Model
  3. Understand 7 Unique Personas that Makeup “Experience”
  4. Explain 5 Key Steps for Developing a Digital Strategy
  5. Describe the Mandate for Experience Centered Design Thinking
  6. Summarize the Research Basis for Digital Transformation